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Is your computer worth the amount of money that you paid for it, or is it worth a whole lot more? An article by Slate Magazine takes an interesting look at the question. Read more after the break. Continue reading


The United States Postal Service has a history of misprinting stamps. Their approach to solving these problems has changed over the years. After their most recent mistake on millions of dollars worth of Lady Liberty stamps, what will the US Postal Service do this time? Find out more after the break. Continue reading

Stephen Dubner reviews a new economics article on health care costs. In it, he sums up the relation between costs and benefits. Are the benefits we’re receiving from our health care outweighing the costs? Find out more after the break. Continue reading

Slate Magazine took a look at “Sexonomics” and what it says about the supply, demand, and price of teenaged sex. Find out more after the break. Continue reading

Ever wondered how budget airlines can be so cheap? 5W Graphics produced an infographic examining the differences. Find out more after the break. Continue reading

NBC Nightly News examined the history behind the $1.5 billion sale of Pringles, and the connection between the famed chip and Einstein. Watch the video over here:

Via: Freakonomics Blog

Source: NBC

(This is part 1. Read part 2 over here)Student Senate receives almost half a million dollars a year from the university to be allocated towards the funding of student clubs and organizations on campus. Clubs are divided into two categories: twelve major clubs and over a hundred minor clubs.
Centives decided to use data published by student senate over here (pdf warning) to analyze senate’s funding decisions for the year 2011-2012. Continue reading

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