Archive for May, 2011 has collected statistics that show what cities have ordered the most books from them. The results are interesting and show a definite trend. Continue reading

This article is about the value of college. Many have been questioning its worth given the current job market. More and more of these articles are being written, and this one, along with its many links, gives a thorough look at the topic. Continue reading

The valuations of social media websites have been extremely high, and with the price of LinkedIn’s stock after its IPO a few days ago, some are wondering if a new bubble is building. Continue reading

How long does it take to graduate from college? Most programs are still built to be four year programs, but more and more students have been taking five or more years to get their degree? Why? Continue reading

In this article, it is said we evaluate risk poorly in many instances, and this leads to many negative consequences. What can result from not viewing risk properly? Continue reading

This map from the U.S. Census Bureau gives an interesting look at how the U.S. population has shifted in location over the years. Continue reading

Robert Hanson posted an article asking why, if people were willing to redistribute income, they weren’t willing to redistribute their GPAs? The Economist responded to it by looking at all the way that GPAs are redistributed in pursuit of egalitarianism. Some of the points include:

  • If income worked in the same way that grades do then income would be capped at $2 million a year in America. Why? Because grades, unlike income, Continue reading

The rise of Groupon has inevitably drawn the attraction of Economists.

The article raises several questions including whether the value of a business is determined by its model or its function, the deficiencies of most marketing strategies and the role of social media in business. Read it over here.

Source: Reuters

George Jetson had a nine hour workweek? How do we ever get to that? ThinkProgress took a look at the kind of economic growth we would need to reach that kind of development. You can read it over here. It’s surprisingly gettable but Continue reading

This article gives an overview of a paper about the game of poker and whether it is more skill or luck. These findings are especially important now as the US government is cracking down on online poker websites. The findings of the economists were that Continue reading