In this article Bill Ridgers discusses some of the strange things that affect the types of decisions we make. Some interesting points include:

  • There is evidence to suggest that we make better decisions if we have really full bladders
  • Judges are more likely to grant a pardon to an individual if they have just eaten a full meal, rather than if they are at the end of their sessions.
  • What an interviewer is holding can affect how well the interview progresses. If an interviewer is holding a heavy clipboard then they are likely to view the job applicant as having more gravitas. If they are holding a lighter clipboard then they’re more likely to view the job candidate as flaky.
  • Sitting on a hard chair while negotiating the price of a car will make you negotiate harder.
  • You’re more likely to associate a person with warmth if you’re holding a warm drink in your hand when you meet them instead of a cold drink.
  • Sleep deprivation makes you more of a risk taker

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Source: Intelligent Life Magazine

Via: Freakonomics